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The Arab of the Future by Riad Sattouf
""The Arab of the Future" is the French cartoonist Riad Sattouf's graphic memoir trilogy. In this first book he tells the remarkable story of how his French mother and Syrian father met in college in France, somehow got together (remains a bit unclear), and then embarked on a bizarre trip to Libya and Syria. Described from the perspective of a child, Sattouf describes his father as a narcissistic hypocrite, who holds deep resentment towards the West but also deeply racist views about Arabs (let alone blacks). He drags his young family to two of the worst countries in the world to satisfy his ego, without much regard for the happiness of his wife and son. At the same time, Sattouf uses his own story as a backdrop to describe ordinary life in Qaddafi's Libya and Al-Assad's Syria. Given Sattouf's history with Charlie Hebdo, it comes as no surprise that his description is far from flattering and unhindered by political correctness. While it does, at times, sound overly negative, it is nevertheless riveting reading. Definitely some of the best political graphic novels out there. I cannot wait for the next two books! "

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